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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Mover Near You | Video Blog

After closing on your new home or apartment, you’ve finally decided to schedule your move! That’s great, but how do you know which moving company you will want to go with? There are dozens of Richmond movers available and choosing can be difficult. Make your upcoming move easier by considering these 5 simple tips will help guide you toward the right company

Make Sure You Can Talk to a Human When You Call

Find out what their customer support is like. Do you get bounced around inside of phone trees, or are you able to speak to a real person when you need help? The moving company you choose should have help at the ready.

If you are planning an international move or a complex long-distance move, you might get transferred between agents. This is not a red flag on its own, but if you keep having difficulties talking to a real human at the moving company when you call, this is a sign that you might not get the best service. And poor service can lead to damaged goods, inconveniences and a host of other issues. Make sure your Richmond movers provide great service from the very beginning.

Make Sure They Have the Right Tools & Experience

The best moving company for you may not always be the very closest and looking for the cheapest movers on Craigslist can often lead to disaster. However, we know that budget is often one of the biggest concerns when you are planning a move. To make sure you find the best Richmond movers, here’s a list of the services and experience you need to look for in your next mover:

  • A fleet of trucks: This shows that the company is serious about their service, and it shows that they have been in business long enough, and successfully enough, to make this long-term investment as a local moving company.
  • Packing materials and service: Do they provide packing materials for a full-service move, or offer the option to buy all the materials, including special boxes for flat screen TVs and paper for stuffing the boxes for safe transport? The local moving company you choose should make sure they have all their bases covered so you can concentrate on planning.
  • National agent or franchise: Moving company franchise locations in Richmond and agents of larger moving networks will have the resources, the experience and the customer service to get you moved into your new home.
  • Moving services on the website: Listing their services, particularly their specialty moves, such as antique moving, gun safe moving or piano moving shows that the moving company is thorough, experienced and knows what really goes into making a successful move. Offering on-site storage is also a sign of a moving company that is well-prepared.

Doing thorough research up front will make all the difference when it comes to choosing the best moving company in Richmond

Check If They Are Connected to a National Moving Network

It bears repeating that a local moving company that partners with a large network of moving companies, such as movers with a van line affiliation, will have plenty of moving experience as well as the resources to handle any issues that might arise, especially during national and international moves.

Ask About Which Services the Moving Company Offers

As they say, the more the merrier! While in some industries, having a huge portfolio of services might mean they they’ve spread their resources too thin and might let details fall through the crack, when it comes to choosing a moving company the more varied services a company offers, the more you can trust that they’ve been around the block more than a few times. Do they offer warehouse storage and self-storage on-site? Perfect. Do they move antiques, grand pianos and businesses? Fantastic!

Bonus tip: If their website is a place where you can go to learn more about the moving & storage industry, you know the company cares about equipping you to make the right decision for your move. On the moving company’s website, look for a blog and moving tips sections that are packed to the brim with available knowledge to help you make the best decision.

Check Local Media and Internet Listings

Local magazines will often write features about the best local businesses in your area including moving companies. Since these listings are usually nominated by the magazine’s audience, you know you can trust the votes! In Richmond, the Richmond Times Dispatch, R Homes Magazine and Richmond Magazine all feature the best companies in Richmond. In fact, My Guys Moving & Storage of Richmond has been voted the best mover in Richmond every year for over 10 years!

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