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5 Packing Tips to Keep Your Belongings Safe

In our 25 plus years of moving and storage experience, we find our customers generally have one concern about moving that takes precedent above all else: How can they be sure their belongings will be kept safe? We can always reassure of our customers of our ability as an experienced moving company, but it helps to be able to give them some advice on how they themselves can secure their items. After seeing how much peace of mind people get from just a few simple tips, we decided to make that advice available for everyone. Here are some tips on how to secure your belongings during a move.

Get Help

While it’s important to be prepared on moving day, it’s also important not to injure yourself or damage your belongings in the process. That’s why it’s best wait until the movers arrive before moving large furniture or any other items that are heavy and/or fragile, such as glass tabletops. If you must move these kinds of items before moving day, be sure to ask someone for help.

Wrap Breakable and Valuable Items

Bubble wrap, tissue and newspaper are vital when it comes to packing glassware and other fragile items. By using these tools to wrap your glassware and other breakables, you are cushioning them against potential impact.

On a side note, make sure that your hands are clean when using newspaper as the natural oils in your skin can cause the ink to smear.

Proper Packing Tools

Knowing and using the proper tools and supplies for all the things you want to pack is a big part of keeping valuables from being damaged. In general, it is a good idea to using boxes designed for moving. They are better at protecting belongings than old boxes you may have lying around and they’re more efficient since they are actually built for specific types of household goods.


Properly labeling items is essential to keeping them assigned and it also helps with unpacking when you get to your new home. Make sure to use boxes labeled ‘fragile’ for breakable items and to observe the arrows designed to indicate which end of the box should face upward. Moving crews are trained to observe these and other labels and writing found on boxes, so if they are labeled properly there should be no problem.

Don’t Rush to Unpack

Giving yourself ample time to unpack your boxes slowly and carefully can save you from dealing with broken items. Do whatever you can to schedule your move in a way that ensures you have more than enough time to unpack after you move in.

Also, remember that you are less likely to be in a rush if you have all your essentials in one place after you move in. Packing a special box and duffle bags with immediate essentials for you and your family can help ensure that you have ample time to unpack.

Keeping all of your belongings in good shape can be easy as long as you are prepared and careful. A big part of this is using the right tools and packing properly. For even more on how to pack and what to use, check out our packing services page.

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