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COVID-19 Office Rightsizing

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My Guys Moving & Storage provide customers with reliable office rightsizing. We provide benefits like:

  • Rapid Office Floorplan Redesign
  • Electronics Packing & Shipping
  • Secure Warehouse Storage

Customers choose My Guys Moving & Storage because:

  • Have Been in the Moving & Storage Industry Since 1983
  • Are Voted #1 Mover in Richmond — 10 Years Running!
  • Are Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded
  • Are Certified ProMovers by the ATA

No matter if you’re adapting to remote, hybrid or shoring up safety precautions, My Guys Moving & Storage can help your office rightsize for COVID-19 precautions. Get started today by calling us at 804-744-2400 or by filling out our free estimate form.

Offices may never look the same in the post COVID-19 era. Open offices may be a thing of the past, with executives reimagining spaces as they work with their human resources departments to return employees to the office and anticipate future COVID variants.

While many office workers will delight in the demise of the open floorplan, that means businesses are left to redesign their office spaces. In some cases, this will be essential to their ability to return to the office and serve their customers.

The professional office movers at My Guys can help. We have moved thousands of companies throughout Richmond, and we are in tune with what the business community needs, including safety procedures.

During this pandemic, we have been keeping abreast of the latest office design guidelines, and we are ready to help you reconfigure your office or commercial building so your employees can return to work quickly and stay healthy.

My Guys Moving & Storage is pleased to partner with Abundance Organizing and Molly Maids here in Richmond to help assist your company in this transition.



Hiring Office Movers For Rapid Redesign

My Guys can accomplish a rapid redesign for your office, shop or commercial setting. We’re happy to work while the office is empty, resulting in no downtime for employees or your company as you look to return to the office.

We can space desks six feet apart, the recommended measurement for safe social distancing, install partitions or reconfigure your office desks to allow for more personal distance.

We provide moving equipment, packing materials and great peace of mind. My Guys also offers complete packing and unpacking services. Let us coordinate with your human resources team, subcontractors and builders as well as the IT department to make sure the move process is seamless.


Office Real Estate And Reconfiguration

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has changed the business world. What will the future office look like? No one can say for sure, but here is how many companies are responding to office design following COVID-19:

  • Conducting more meetings via video conference, even among coworkers in the same building. This means that a conference table that once held 12 executive chairs may never see that many seated guests again. If you have extra office furniture to store, My Guys can help. We can pick up and store your furniture in our warehouse storage facility in Richmond.
  • As more and more employees work from home, some companies are finding that large offices are no longer needed, which has the added benefit of cost cutting. If you’re looking at rightsizing to a smaller footprint, My Guys can help conduct the move for you.
  • With employees working from home long-term, they may require access to more than just their laptop computer. Employers may want to send electronic equipment, such as large computers and monitors, printers and even entire file cabinets to employee home offices. Rather than leave delivery to your IT team, let the experienced electronics movers at My Guys tackle this task for you. This saves the company and employees from the lost productivity of trying to relocate office equipment on their own, and it can prevent damage to equipment. Our commercial movers are trained to handle electronics and other sensitive materials.
  • Remote and small satellite offices may be a solution. Large companies are considering leasing several smaller offices and worksites to reduce the number of people gathering at one site. My Guys is experienced at coordinating a large-scale, multilocation moves. As with any office or commercial move, our professionally trained moving crew will work efficiently, yet carefully, to ensure your office furniture, supplies, and equipment are being handled correctly.

As your company navigates the future, contact the professional office movers at My Guys Moving & Storage for expert moves and friendly customer service.


Get A Free Estimate For Your Office Move

We can help you devise a moving cost and timeline for any reorganizing or restructuring.

For more information about our office moving services in Richmond, call My Guys Moving & Storage today and speak to a real person instead of a phone tree at (804) 744-2400, or fill out our free estimate form for an estimate on your office move.

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Is Your Moving Company Properly Licensed and Insured?

Yes, our moving company is fully licensed and insured. For example, our licensing numbers are USDOT 70719, Virginia Intrastate for Hire Certificate #589, and Local for Hire Permit #3633. We are also fully insured, providing general liability and workers comp.

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