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Packing Services

To get started with your packing, you will need boxes and packing supplies — newsprint, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tissue paper, packing tape, a marker, and scissors. Then, consider designating an empty room as a workplace for packing all of your items and moving supplies. It is a good idea to use a large table, covered with a blanket or sheet, so that you can have a good work surface for packing your items. It may be helpful to have a second table nearby for soon-to-be-packed items as well.

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My Guys Moving & Storage has been providing secure, safe and reliable packing and unpacking services within Richmond, VA including:

  • Residential & Commercial Packing Services
  • Electronics Packing Services
  • Library & Large Collection Packing Services
  • Large Appliance Packing Services

Customers choose to move with My Guys Moving & Storage because they don’t have to do it alone. They choose professional and reliable movers likes My Guys because we:

  • Have Been in the Moving & Storage Industry Since 1983
  • Are Voted #1 Mover in Richmond — 10 Years Running!
  • Are Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded
  • Are Certified ProMovers by the ATA

Contact us today and speak with a moving coordinator and ask about our packing & unpacking services by filling out our free estimate form or calling us at (804) 744-2400.

We have a useful section in our FAQ about how to pack, if you need help. If you’re looking to purchase packing materials, You can call (804) 744-2400 to receive our packing price list so you can get an idea of what My Guys Moving charges for packing materials.moving cardboard boxes

We have a price list of packing materials for moving so you can get an idea of what My Guys Moving charges for packing materials.


(804) 744-2400

Box Sizes

It is important to select the proper size of box to use for your packing. To minimize damage, select boxes suitable for your items. Make sure that your boxes are not packed too heavy as they can break open, or too light as they can crush when stacked.

1.5 cubic foot box (Book Box)

The 1.5 cubic foot box, or the “1.5”, is the smallest general-purpose box that we have. It is typically used for smaller, heavier items, such as books, CDs, DVDs, canned goods, tools, etc. It is important not to overpack the boxes, as they can get extremely heavy very quickly.

3.0 cubic foot box (Medium Carton)

The 3.0 cubic foot box, or “3.0”, is the all-purpose box. They can be used for anything from small kitchen appliances, pots and pans to smaller lamp bases, and small wrapped picture frames.

4.5 cubic foot box

The 4.5 cubic foot box, or “4.5”, is the largest general-purpose box. The 4.5 is typically used for packing large, bulky items such as linens, larger non-breakable kitchen items, coffee pots, pillows, blankets, lampshades and larger children’s toys.



As the name implies, the dishpack (sometimes called a dish barrel) is used for packing dishes and china. The dishpack has multi-layered construction that makes it the safest and strongest of all moving boxes. Dishpacks are recommended for all breakable kitchenware, china, and crystal. Typically each item is individually wrapped before it is put into the dishpack to give extra protection to your breakable kitchenware.

Mattress Carton

For local moving, we do not require that mattresses be packed inbox, however, we do have mattress cartons for longer distance moving.

Mirror Carton

Mirror cartons are constructed of 4 individual pieces, so they can be made smaller and larger, based on the size of the item that needs packing. Mirror cartons are typically used for packing mirrors, pictures, and small glass tabletops.

Wardrobe Cartons

Wardrobe cartons are specially constructed and used for transporting hanging clothing during your move. For local moving, we do offer used wardrobe rental for half the price of getting new wardrobe cartons.


How to Pack For Your Move

My Guys Moving & Storage recommends using dishpacks for china, glassware, and crystal. Make sure to place plenty of cushioning material in the bottom of the carton and between layers, to provide maximum protection for your china.

Wrap each item in several sheets of clean paper. Begin wrapping items from the corner of the paper, tucking the edges as you roll. Place items in the box with rims down. Remember, the heavier pieces go on the bottom!

Plates should be wrapped individually using several sheets of paper. Start from the corner, wrapping diagonally, continuously tucking in overlapping edges. Bundle four to six plates in a double layer of newspaper. Place bundles in a row, standing them on edge. Surround each bundle with crushed paper, being careful to leave no unfilled spaces, as movement of the packed items can lead to damages.

Stand shallow bowls on edge. Deep bowls (such as mixing bowls) are nested two or three together, on their rims. Wrap sugar bowl lids in tissue, turning them upside down on the bowl before wrapping them together. Place sugar bowls, pitchers, and similar pieces upright in the carton.

Cups and glassware should be wrapped in a double layer of paper and placed on rims, in a row, on the upper layer within the box with all the handles facing upward in the same direction.


Loose flatware may be wrapped either individually or in sets, in clear plastic or tissue. If the silverware is in a chest, you still may want to wrap the pieces individually and replace in the chest. Fill in all empty spaces in the chest with tissue paper or paper toweling.


Since air causes silver to tarnish, all silver pieces should be completely enclosed in fresh, clean tissue paper or plastic wrap. Silver bowls, tea sets and serving dishes should be carefully wrapped as fragile items and packed the same as china.


Because books are heavy, use small cartons. Pack on edge, alternating bound edge to open edge. Pack books of the same general size together.


After removing the light bulb, wrap the base, harp, and bulb separately, in newsprint, and place them together in a box, filling spaces with crushed paper. Carefully wrap each shade in three or four sheets of fresh tissue paper, a pillowcase, or a large lightweight towel. Large, Tiffany-style lampshades and chandeliers should be packed in a crate. Your My Guys representative can arrange to have a custom crate built.


For packing and moving glass or marble tabletops, mirrors and artwork locally, our movers can wrap them tightly and safely in moving blankets to protect them during the moving process. For long-distance moves, it is best to consult with your My Guys Moving & Storage customer service representative about obtaining custom-made cartons or crates for these items.


Footwear may be left in shoe boxes and placed in large size boxes. Shoes may be wrapped individually, then in pairs. Footwear should be cushioned to avoid damage occurring to high heels or ornaments. Do not pack heavy items on top of shoes.

Leave clothes on hangers and transport in wardrobe cartons. You may remove garments from the hanger, fold and place in a suitcase or lined box. Some lightweight clothing such as hosiery and lingerie may be left in dresser drawers.


Because linens are lightweight, they can be used for padding delicate items or folded and placed in larger, lined boxes.


Draperies and curtains may be folded and packed in larger, lined boxes. An alternative is to place the items on hangers in a wardrobe carton. Leave rugs on the floor for the mover to handle unless they have just returned from the cleaners. Carpets will be rolled and stretch wrapped prior to placing them on the truck.


Small clocks, radios and similar items can be packed in the same carton, or with the linens. Wrap items individually using several pieces of paper, and place in the packed box with plenty of crushed paper.


Large appliances must be serviced and dry before moving. Be sure to tell your My Guys Moving & Storage customer service representative about any appliances you may be moving, so we can make sure to send out the proper amount of men to move these items safely and effectively.


Hand tools may be left in tool boxes, fill spaces with crushed paper, or the tools may be packed according to general packing rules. Always use small boxes because tools are generally heavy.


My Guys Moving & Storage of Richmond is a member of Move for Hunger, a non-profit organization made of moving companies around the country who donate non-perishable goods to local food banks. If you’re moving with My Guys Moving of Richmond, just ask us for some specially marked boxes that you can put your non-perishable food into, so we can donate it to those who need it.


If you want help on deciding on a mover, feel free to visit our guide to picking a mover! Be sure to look for a moving company that offers free or affordable packing and shipping supplies.

If you have any local or long distance moving and storage needs, call the professional staff at My Guys Moving & Storage – the top mover in Richmond, VA!

Did you know...?

Can you Move Me Anywhere in Virginia?

Just about! As a member of the Virginia Movers and Warehousemen's Association, My Guys Moving and Storage also handles intrastate moves. The law designates moves spanning over 30 miles from origin to destination within a single state as an intrastate move. So, we have you covered from Roanoke to Virginia Beach and more! If you need an intrastate move, give us a call. We're happy to work with you to answer any questions you may have.

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