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Moving Valuation Coverage

There are plenty of questions when it comes to moving coverage and protection. It’s a complicated process, but with the right moving company, you will have the help you need to get through your move without the stress.

What exactly is moving valuation coverage?

This is one of the most common questions we hear. Understanding the coverage that you get is difficult, but necessary to having peace of mind that your items are properly taken care of. That is why our team is always available to help you with any questions you have.

Full Replacement Value Protection Plan

In order to get the most out of protection for your items being moved, you will need to get full value protection. This comes at a charge to you, but, in return, you get full replacement value coverage for all of your items.

With full value protection coverage, as the result of an item being damaged or being lost, we will, at our discretion, offer to:

  • Have the damaged item repaired.
  • Replace the lost or damaged item with a similar one.
  • Provide a cash settlement for the cost of repairing or replacing the item.

The price of full value protection coverage may vary. We suggest speaking with your moving representative to receive the full written details of this plan.

Limited Valuation Coverage

If you don’t sign up for full replacement value protection coverage, you will automatically be covered by limited valuation coverage, also known as “released value protection”. This comes at no cost to you.

With limited valuation coverage, we will assume the liability of no more than 60 cents per pound per article. The coverage is not based on the value of the item, solely on the weight.

As an example, you would only be covered for $6 for an item that weighs 10 pounds, no matter how much that item is valued at.

Articles of Extraordinary Value

Not all items are of equal value. Higher value items, referred to in this context as “articles of extraordinary value”, must be identified and listed. Items that fall under this distinction include ones that are over $100 per pound in terms of value.

Common articles of extraordinary value include:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine Art
  • Fur Clothing
  • Tech

You should fill out a High-Value Inventory Sheet if you have any of these items and want them moved. For any questions, be sure to ask your moving representative. If you’re unsure of an item’s value, such as an antique, but believe it may be worth that much, we suggest getting it appraised.

Ask Questions or Start Your Move with My Guys of Richmond

We ensure that our crew has an in-depth knowledge of moving valuation. Avoid getting lost on what moving valuation means, and what your options are, by trusting the experts at My Guys Moving & Storage of Richmond.

It’s understandable if you still have questions or want to learn more. That’s why we make sure that our team is on the phones ready to give you the help you need. All you need to do is call (804) 744-2400.

If you think you might be ready to start the moving process, please send in your request for your free moving estimate. To secure yours, fill out our simple online form.

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