Two Men and a Truck – 3 Alternatives in Richmond

Two Men and a Truck is huge, and they just keep getting more and more locations. Between their 300 franchises, 3000 trucks on the road, and the fact that they operate out of 4 different countries, you have most likely come across them while looking for a moving company.

Here’s the important thing that you have to remember: Just because they’re big doesn’t mean that they’re right for you.

The truth is that there are a ton of moving companies out there that provide excellent customer care and may be a better fit for your move. Every move is different, which means your moving needs are different than everyone else’s. You need to do the research and find the moving company that fits what those needs are.

Three Alternatives to Two Men and a Truck

There are plenty of moving companies that aren’t part of coast-to-coast moving chains in Richmond, Virginia. It can be a headspin trying to decide who to go with, which is a big reason why it’s so tempting to just fall back on the familiar and move with Two Men and a Truck.

To help, we put together this list of the top Richmond alternatives to Two Men and a Truck:

My Guys Moving & Storage of Richmond: / (804) 744-2400 / 401 Dabbs House Rd, Richmond, VA 23223

Braxton’s Moving Company: (804) 559-4786 / 8037 Atlee Rd, Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Moxie Movers: / (804) 928-1111 / 821 W Cary St Richmond

By considering these alternatives, you can start off your shortlist of moving companies with the best of the best in Richmond. These are moving companies that understand the area, provide top-quality customer service, and have the experience necessary to give you a great move.

Here are some of the things that set these alternatives apart from Two Men and a Truck:

Locally Owned Company

You may think that, just because Two Men and a Truck and My Guys Moving & Storage are both chains, these two moving companies are one and the same.

This is not the case.

A key difference is that Two Men and a Truck was started in Michigan, while the My Guys franchise was started in Northern Virginia for Northern Virginia. There are now My Guys locations in the surrounding areas such as Maryland and Washington D.C.

On the other hand, Two Men and a Truck is a moving franchise that was started in another state and has its eyes set on getting more and more locations. To them, Richmond is just another location. To My Guys, as a locally-owned moving chain, Richmond is home.

Dedication to Top-Quality Customer Service

As an independently owned moving company or member of a local chain, these Two Men and a Truck alternatives are in a position where they have to give you the best customer care they can. Their entire brand is relying on it.

On the other hand, Two Men and a Truck franchises are able to hide behind their corporate brand. With such a set-in-stone national reputation, one bad review from someone in Richmond won’t have any effect on the brand as a whole.

For our Two Men and a Truck alternatives, they are only able to survive if they are pleasing you throughout the entire process. With the complexity of the moving process, you need to be prepared with movers who you know will be there for you through the unexpected.

Years of Moving & Storage Experience in Richmond

The early 1980s. That’s when Two Men and a Truck began and they are proud to share that information on their website. You will even find a line on their “35 years of experience”. The issue is that they don’t have nearly that much experience.

A quick search online reveals that the Two Men and a Truck location in the Greater Richmond area has only been in operation since late 2013. That’s less than 9 years of experience. Compare that to our alternatives who have been around for decades.

That experience is vital. Moving is a complicated process with plenty of ins-and-outs that you can’t pick up without work and effort. Trust a moving company, like our 3 alternatives, who have the years of trusted experience that they can lean back on. You can rest assured that you are getting movers with a tried and true system in place.

True Online Reviews

Don’t be misled by online reviews!

Due to the way Google presents Two Men and a Truck, the online reviews that you look at may be deceiving.

It is key in your research to treat online reviews as a resource for understanding how a moving company operates. This is a great way to review these 3 alternatives. With hundreds of Google Reviews and many other online reviews for their individual locations, it is cut and dry what people think about these movers and how these moving companies treat their customers.

For Two Men and a Truck, there is no clarity. If you look on the website page for the Two Men and a Truck Richmond franchise, it says that there are 1794 reviews. That would be great if it really were how many reviews they have, but the Google location for Richmond for Two Men and a Truck only has 83 Google Reviews, as of the posting of this article, which is far less than the most reviewed Two men and a Truck alternative we have listed.

Be sure when you look at Two Men and a Truck reviews online that they are specifically for the Richmond site, and not for the corporate brand. After all, moves done by a completely different crew on the other side of the country have no bearing on your move.

How to Move with a Two Men and a Truck Alternative

By reading this blog, you are already one step closer to choosing the best moving company for you. You have a shortlist of moving companies that are locally owned and operated, provide great customer care, have plenty of experience, and have great customer reviews.

Your next step is to get moving quotes. We suggest getting at least 3 quotes so that you have a good understanding of the price that you are getting.

Good luck and have a great move with one of these top alternatives to Two Men and a Truck.