Richmond Woman Seeks Furniture Moving Company

Corrinne Schill of Richmond, VA has spina bifida, a birth defect which can cause certain bone deformities. Due to Schill’s spina bifida, she is in pain and struggles with specific tasks such as moving large items. Schill was looking for someone to move her billiard table and TV out of her apartment so she could have a hospital bed in her home. Once My Guys Moving saw that she was in need of help with her move, our professional movers decided to help her move her items. Our movers were able to get the job done in about 15 minutes. The billiard table is now in My Guys Moving of Richmond’s break room.

If you’re concerned about moving large pieces of furniture during your Richmond area move, call My Guys Moving to help you with your relocation. The professional movers of My Guys Moving in Richmond, VA are highly-experienced in moving specialty items such as pianos, antiques and pool tables. No matter what type of specialty item you would like to move, our professional movers are prepared for the job. Our moving and storage company is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Our specialty item moving services can be especially helpful to people with disabilities, like Schill, who could use help moving large pieces of furniture. We take extreme care of your valuables and make sure they are safe during the moving process and secure in our storage warehouse. Our trained movers will move your large furniture, pianos, billiard tables, gun safes and antiques without a scratch. No matter the scope of the move, My Guys Moving in Richmond is committed to great results and seeing our customers happy.

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