7 Moving Tips for Seniors

While it’s no surprise that moving doesn’t get any easier as you get older, it can be done better and smarter.

For older adults looking to move soon, there are more than a few things you can do to ensure that this move will be the best one yet.

1. Create a Moving Checklist

Make a list of everything that you need to get done for your move, including obvious tasks like packing and not-so-obvious things such as giving people back any unreturned items. This process helps you understand what things are on your mind specifically. Once you get everything out, you’ll be surprised about how much better you feel.

Once the list is done, highlight the items you do not want to do, this will make it easy for you to outsource these later.

2. Downsize

A great way to make your upcoming move easier is by only moving items that you want to have at your next place. This means getting rid of possessions you no longer want, but haven’t made the time to throw away yet. This may also include embarrassing items you’ve outgrown or no longer need such as a grandchild’s old crib and toys.

3. Get Measurements of Your New Residence

After downsizing, use the floorplan of your new place to help you declutter even further. With accurate measurements of the living room, kitchen and bedroom, it becomes easy to know if both the couch and loveseat can fit or if you may need to leave one behind.

4. Get Others Involved If You Need Help

Instead of dropping items off yourself (whether returning to someone or donating), ask friends and family if they can help up by picking up items. That’s not the only kind of help you may need – if you want company or need help decluttering, let them know.

Remember that checklist from tip #1? Well it’s time to look at the items you have highlighted and get those off of your plate, too. Besides asking friends and family for help, consider working with a moving company. There are many reputable moving companies that offer special Senior Citizen moving services and discounts.

5. Pack in a Systematic Way

When it comes to packing, have a plan. It is very easy to let packing overtake your life, but if you go about it one room at a time, you won’t get overwhelmed. As you pack the boxes, label each box with the room it belongs in and the contents in the box that are of important note (this makes unpacking much easier).

Technology can go a long way to help you pack with confidence as well. Instead of trying to remember the way your electronics are connected, take pictures or videos with your camera phone. Now, getting set up in your new home will be a breeze.

6. Check In with Yourself & Know Your Limits

Moving is an exhausting process and you don’t get extra points for how you get it done. When you need a break, take one. It’s important that throughout this process you are able to honestly assess what you can and cannot reach, lift, carry, etc.

Be aware that moving is stressful emotionally as well as physically. You are leaving a place that you’ve spent years building memories – it is natural to feel sad, angry, relieved, happy and a range of other feelings. Don’t be hard on yourself and only move at your pace.

7. Say Goodbye with a House Cooling

Plan a get together to celebrate the good times you’ve had in your current residence. Invite your loved ones to share their memories or put together a fun scrap book of all of the stains in the kitchen and the stories that go along with them. There are so many ways to express your appreciation and love of your old home, and it’s beneficial.

This is also a great time to give away any remaining items while everyone is gathered in one place!

Carry Out Your Senior Move with Confidence

Moving as an older adult brings its own set of challenges and stress among other things. By putting a solid plan in place, and keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to conveniently move to your new residence.