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If you’re moving, it’s more than likely that you’ll have to move furniture. Moving heavy furniture is infamous for being difficult and dangerous. You usually must enlist help from friends and family, it may have to go up or down stairs, it can easily throw your back out, and it’s a very laborious process. Here at My Guys Moving, we want to offer some tips that will allow your furniture move to be easier and quicker. We understand that you’re busy, so that’s why we offer time-tested furniture moving tips to make your whole moving process a little less stressful. Our tips are on how to prepare for a furniture move and how to find the best moving company in Richmond to fit your needs.

How to Prepare for a Furniture Move in Richmond

Richmond furniture with catIf a furniture item is too large to move through a doorway, usually the best idea is to disassemble the item, if possible. After disassembling, make sure you put all screws and other small pieces in a labeled plastic bag. You can either tape this to the furniture, or keep in a safe place where you’ll know where to find it. For dressers and other furniture items that have drawers, these drawers should be removed prior to moving. Usually, you’d want to clean out the drawers before moving them. If you want to keep your items in place in the drawers, however, you can just remove the drawer with the contents still in it, put it in a garbage bag, tie it tightly, and label it. For couches and other furniture with legs, remove the legs if possible, wrap each leg in newspaper, put it in a bag, and label it. Some furniture items can have a lot of pieces, so labeling it phrases like “Piece 1 of 4” or “Piece 3 of 7” can be extremely helpful later when you’re setting up your furniture in your new home. If you still have the furniture’s assembly construction books, it may be helpful to get those together just in case you may need them when your reassembling your furniture after the move.

After removing cushions and pillows, put them in clear, plastic trash bags. If you do not have clear bags, make sure you label it with a piece of paper or something similar indicating that it is a pillow or cushion. Tie the bags securely and then inspect them for any holes. Cushions, pillows, and other similar items can be used to protect other furniture in the moving truck during transport. After you have done all these things, you are well-prepared and ready for your furniture move.

Furniture Movers in Richmond

As stated before, furniture moves can be daunting. Unless you are particularly skilled in moving heavy items upstairs, downstairs, into a truck, out of a truck, and through doorways, it’s recommended that furniture moves be accomplished by a professional. This way, you won’t hurt yourself and your furniture is less likely to be damaged while being moved. However, finding a mover can be difficult, as it’s important to find a moving company that will treat your belongings with the utmost care, so they arrive to your new destination damage-free. Here at My Guys Moving Richmond, our goal is to provide unmatched customer service, and there’s a variety of reasons you should hire us as your Richmond furniture movers. We provide furniture moving pads and all the essentials necessary to make sure your valuables are not harmed at all during the moving process. Specifically, our movers provide pads to wrap the railings in your home, floor runners to protect hardwood, carpets, and other flooring, and shrink wrap for upholstered furniture, all to prevent damage from moving furniture. Here at My Guys Moving Richmond, we are family owned and operated, have over 25 years of furniture moving experience, an A rating with BBB, and excellent online reviews. We offer a variety of services as well, including in home furniture moves, local furniture moves, moving furniture state to state, and international furniture moves. We are your full-service Richmond furniture movers, meaning that we provide full-home moving prep, packing supplies, moving boxes, and climate-controlled storage warehouses. So, if you can’t complete any or all the furniture moving prep above, don’t sweat—My Guys Moving of Richmond has you covered.

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