Moving Out of an Apartment in Richmond, VA

Whether it was the first apartment you moved into after leaving your parent’s nest, the apartment you chose after landing a new job in a new city or an apartment you shared with your best friend, we understand your apartment is special to you and it’s hard parting ways once the lease ends. You’ve made the space your own and have made so many great memories, but the time has come to pack up the place and hand the keys over to your landlord. Just remember, moving out of an apartment also means a fresh start somewhere new, but it takes some work to get there.

Windows in clean empty apartment
Most apartment complexes will have a tenant move out checklist that you must fulfill in order to get back your security deposit. Ask your landlord if they have an apartment move out checklist of their own that you need to abide by. These moving out checklists will typically have an apartment cleaning checklist as well as a list of steps you need to take in order to address any maintenance issues. You want to make sure you follow this apartment move out checklist provided by your landlord so that the space is left like-new when you leave for the next tenants who will be moving in and also to receive your deposit check.

Apartment Move out Checklist for Your Richmond Move

Before moving out of your Richmond apartment, you’ll also need to take care of a few things aside from the cleaning tasks.

  • Turn off your power – Contact your local electrical company to end your contract and provide a forwarding address for your last bill to be mailed to. David & Green Electrical and Dominion Energy are among the electrical companies in Richmond you may need to get in contact with.
  • Shut off your gas – You’ll also want to get in contact with your gas provider to stop your gas services. Richmond Gas Works and Dominion Energy may be your local Richmond gas providers to get in contact with.
  • Change of address – Visit your local Richmond post office and complete a change-of-address form. Be sure to check in with your neighbor to make sure you don’t miss the last of the mail that is sent to your apartment after you’ve moved out.

Apartment Cleaning Checklist for Moving Out

Cleaning your apartment will be the biggest task when moving out of an apartment. As you begin the apartment cleaning process, you wonder how in the world you’ve collected so many things in such a small space. Go through your apartment room by room with an apartment cleaning checklist, so as not to overwhelm yourself. We suggest starting small and moving your way up. Begin by scrubbing down the bathrooms, moving on to the kitchen, and then tackling the bedrooms and living room. For a comprehensive apartment cleaning checklist, the American Apartment Owners Association offers a great one for anyone moving out of an apartment. You can use this checklist on its own or use it in addition to the tenant move out checklist provided by your landlord.


Checklist courtesy of American Apartment Owners Association