Vital Moving Tips to Help You Stay Ahead of Your Next Local Richmond Move

Cigar CompanyOrganization is essential to any move, whether it’s a local move in the Richmond area or long distance move to another state. The ability to sort, store and label items before your move and will help streamline your packing and unpacking, saving you time and frustration. It’s important to know that moving is more of a marathon than it is a race. Keep the end goal in mind, but break the task into smaller, more manageable parts. Get a leg up on your next local move by following these tips to keep your next move under control. Designed by professional Richmond, Virginia movers, this moving checklist covers basic steps you can take to make your move easier.

Local Moving Tips

Before you start stuffing boxes, it is important that you know just exactly what you are packing. Start by going through rooms individually and sorting through their contents. Items that you no longer have use for can be discarded, donated or sold to minimize moving expenses. Pro Moving Hack: you can often arrange for a driver from a local charity pick up donations from your house. Once you’ve established the possessions you are keeping, sort them into piles that correspond with the characteristics of the items and their uses. So, keep kitchen supplies separate from, say, electronics. After accomplishing this, you can begin using our packing tips next.

Packing Tips for A Local Move

Now that you’re aware of what needs to be transported, you can start taking measures to get your items packed away. Accumulate some new or gently used cardboard boxes. Once you have these, pack away the sorted piles in the boxes and label them accordingly. While packing, it is important to place the heaviest items at the bottom of the box. Pro Moving Hack: go crazy with the packaging tape. Tape is always less expensive than replacing broken items if the bottom of a box drops out. By generously taping the top, bottom and even sides of the boxes, you are safeguarding against spills and broken items.

Moving Tips for Local Moves to Richmond

After you’ve adequately secured and stored your items, it’s important to look after items that you may have missed the first time around. This time, keep an eye out for important financial documents or correspondence that contains personal information. You don’t want this getting left behind and picked up by the wrong hands. Instead, apply the same technique used with labeling the boxes and sort your information into categories. This will allow you to keep files of the same nature together. Be sure to validate your new address with the USPS and other entities that you receive mail or bills from, as well.

Reserve Parking When Moving in Richmond

Whether you are moving into a condo or apartment downtown or to a house on a crowded city street, don’t leave parking to chance. You can call the Richmond Parking Control at (804) 646-6340 to reserve street parking during specific times on the date of your local move.

Richmond, Virginia Moving Hacks

With all your belongings and sensitive information accounted for, you can start coordinating your move. Although it is possible to tackle a move by yourself, it can be a lengthy and exhausting process. If you find yourself in a bind, try reaching out to friends or family members for some extra help. If you still don’t have any luck, you may have to enlist the help of a local moving company. Having your items already packed, organized and inventoried may already help cut costs.

Local Movers in Richmond

Lincoln StatueKeep in mind that not all moving companies are the same. When it comes to handling your valuables, you deserve the best. Scour the internet for reviews on local movers and when you find a comfortable match, reach out to them. No matter the company you settle for, be sure you inquire about a free estimate. An estimate can help solidify the price you’ll be paying and help avoid unplanned charges after the move.